• Ravi Swami

Helsinki - May 2018

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Here is a drawing from a recent trip to Finland - it's a restaurant on the island of Suomenlinna, a short ferry trip from Helsinki - and was initially blocked out over lunch outside the restaurant, first on my IPhone, in "Procreate Pocket" using my finger, before moving to "Procreate" on my iPad Pro where I added detail from memory and aided by some online reference of the location, using the Apple Pencil.

I'm rarely in a place, temperament-wise, where I can just sit and draw, in this case after a pleasant lunch outside the Bastion Bistro, Suomenlinna in the Finnish summer sunshine - being on holiday means you can disconnect from the usual day-to-day challenges and problems that make simple observational drawing difficult - you can do it on trains on the daily commute for example, providing you can minimize the element of stress that invariably comes with commuting to work.