• Ravi Swami

Kaiju Krunch !!...

Doritos Spain commissioned a series of viral 20 sec commercials to be run as part of an online contest between 2 flavours of Doritos corn chips, here personified by two "Kaiju" - actually a "Super Sentai" - think "Power Rangers" - in the yellow corner, and a "Kaiju" or giant monster, in the purple corner.

The commercials ran exclusively on a dedicated website and initially were live action and for which I designed the 2 suits worn by actors playing the main (only) characters in a style to emulate the classic 60's Japanese monster movies like "Godzilla" and were shot in an off-the-cuff way with minimal storyboarding - these went down well but ended up blowing the already tight budget.

The agency returned with a request for a version using only 2D animation and where the need for a storyboard was more important - the resulting animatic is shown above.

I ended up creating the whole piece in After Effects myself - the live action spots had a larger crew covering a studio shoot and post-production to add effects - with styling based closely on the above storyboard by Will Barras, lending the whole piece a cool visual aesthetic.

Doritos "Kaiju"

Studio: Th1ng London