• Ravi Swami

Inktober 2018

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

This year for some reason I decided to do more than the annual dip into Jake Parker's "Inktober" initiative - for aspiring and professional artists alike, it's something that could never have existed so effectively outside of the connective nature of social media - a platform to prod and provoke artists into doing a drawing each day for the month of October

Maybe it's my years of working to client briefs that have eroded a desire to draw outside of the impetus of an external prompt, I don't know, but I quite enjoyed sticking to the 31 single word prompts, and they also serve to shorten "think" time when coming up with a subject - there are no hard and fast rules as far as sticking to the prompts by the way, they are just there to provide a trigger if you're stuck for a subject - I was aided by a randomly chosen theme of dragons, though I actually hate anything dragon related (long story).

I do actually draw when I'm not working but since 90% of what I do work-wise depends upon drawing, it's nice to take a break from it once in a while, additionally, various issues around using digital media like a mouse have affected how I draw using traditional media so it's always good to get those muscles, both physical and mental, some exercise.

I opted to use digital media in the form of the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil, in the Procreate app - initially Inktober stressed the importance of "real" media over digital but it has since broadened to include it - where possible I aimed to do a fast drawing with minimal under -drawing, as if I was drawing in ink on paper but very often this was dependent on the idea and timeframes were anything from a few hours to a day in some cases.

The square format was to make the final post Instagram-friendly.