• Ravi Swami

"Dancing on Ice" - 2018 launch ident.

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

I provided an early rough storyboard, working closely with Hu_sh London director, Kirk Hendry, for this new ident announcing the new series of "Dancing on Ice 2018"

In amongst the many storyboarding assignments of 2017, several for Hu_sh London, I was offered the opportunity to work on this ident for a new series of the popular TV show, "Dancing on Ice".

Directed by Hu_sh London director Kirk Hendry, who I have worked with on several campaigns as a designer and storyboard artist in the past, the finished piece references the stylised but photoreal aesthetic of films like "Polar Express", which just happens to be one of Kirk's favourite recent films.

Read about the production here :

We spent a day in a weird cafe drinking bad tea in London Fields last year, hammering out the story of two polar bears meeting and dancing on a frozen lake and the end result is all the more astonishing given the turnaround, thanks to some top notch 3D animation & visual effects from Swedish company Goodbye Kansas, finished off with Kirk's customary visual flair.

My early rough boards went through several iterations in the course of production but they laid the groundwork and general direction of the ident for initial pitch meetings with client and production company.

I rarely say that I'm "proud" to have been involved in a particular job because I tend to set myself a high benchmark, however this was one assignment where the end result exceeded & surpassed my already high expectations - as it is, the version broadcast was not even the directors preferred grade, which is the version seen in the link, which proves the adage that a job is never really finished, only put aside :)

Client : Hu_sh London

Director : Kirk Hendry

Year : 2017