Storyboarding / Design / Animation

Compositing / 3D Design / Concepts / Motion Graphics / After Effects 

Storyboard artist & designer working closely with directors during the early conceptual stages of a project across animation & live-action - this can take the form of pitch-board development through to shooting boards.

While I work more often as a storyboard artist currently, I also offer compositing, design & direction for 3D & motion graphics, with a high level of competence in After Effects & other industry standard software packages.


For a detailed breakdown of past work experience, skills & achievements, visit my Linkedin profile.

"Ravi is an 'all in one genius': a fantastic storyboard artist, a great and crafty After Effects animator and a very talented 3D artist..." 

Jasmin Jodry, Moto

Client : Leprechaun Liquids / Bruno Tilley - Illustrations : Manhar Chauhan - Animation & AR : After Effects / Artivive

"But what really sets Ravi apart is his utter cool. What else can I say? Have him around, just in case..."

Gergely "CZ" Cziraki, Previz Artist TT Games

"...Storyboards of extraordinary finish with infuriating speed, he is a superb illustrator with a solid foundation in traditional 2D animation..."

Kimon Matara, The Riggery

Storyboarding, Design,
Ideas, Daydreams...
Ravi Swami
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